Wednesday, February 29, 2012

go Green Dragons!

i learned a few seasons ago that cute team snapshots are way better than the formal team pics the league sets up.  so at practice today i brought the camera and did some fun team pics. 

here's my little all star:
 we set up kind of the traditional team pic:
 and then just had fun:

even though i feel i'm in way over my head with this coaching gig, i am having so much fun with these little cuties!  everyone except Maddie is new to soccer.  so, i am their first coach, the first one to teach them anything about the sport.  it's a little daunting, but so thrilling to see them get it and improve.  go Green Dragons!

Monday, February 27, 2012

good morning big 5 year old girl!

her official birthday party is Saturday, but for her "real" birthday she invited the neighbors out for a cupcake treat on the lawn!
we really got to see who the chocolate lovers vs. vanilla fans were.

 all of my girls opted for vanilla.  they are so their father's children!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

goodnight little four year old girl!

the eve of a birthday is always a little bitter sweet for me.  it's so strange to look at the sweet little face of your 4 year old and think how much she has grown, and how you are helpless at stopping time!  i think it's the one part of parenting no one ever warned me about, how you love all the new stages and growth, yet still mourn the passage of time and all the loss of all the little baby and toddler things.
 but this girl is ready to move on.  up until now, she has been my little mommy's girl.  she chose not to go to pre-school this year in favor of a homeschool program.  she prefers home to a playdate and loves that i am her soccer coach.  but recently she has blossomed.  she's fierce on the field.  she's braver in social situations.  and she's desperate for kindergarten to get going.  this girl is ready for 5!
so, goodnight 4, it's been a really great year. 
(here's to hoping her nose rug-burn heals up for her birthday photoshoot!  like i said, she's become braver, getting this injury surfing down the stairs at Leila's house!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

February = soccer time!

soccer season is upon us.  this year, we couldn't get away with having the girls on the same team.  so Anna is on the Angry Birds.

 and Madeline is on the Green Dragons. 

soccer season brings 2 practices, and 2 games a week.  and many an interrupted nap for little Bubba.  oh, and i'm on the Green Dragons too!  they did not have enough coaches for Maddie's division, so i volunteered.  it's an adventure!