Monday, September 28, 2009

cowgirl day!

Anna has spirit days at school, and this week i remembered to take a few pics of my little cowgirl.


last week was black and white day, where everyone wore black and white. oddly enough she was more excited about that one. when we got to school, only a smattering of the kids were in black and white (most the boys were not). Anna took a look around and snickered, "looks like some people forgot it was black and white day!"


Saturday, September 26, 2009

2showers, 2 states, 2 weekends

i had a fun couple of weekends with back to back showers. one for the beautiful little girl i mentioned here. and another for my best friends' new son! i got really excited about each party, and brought out all the pink i could for little Jane.



while relying on the age old, "that's what little boys are made of," theme for little Sawyer.


it was a fun filled couple of weekends!

Monday, September 21, 2009

thank you for a thank you

do you ever feel like you need to send a thank you note to someone who gave you a really awesome thank you? when this happens, i always feel in awe, never worthy of the praise. today i received a wonderful, beautiful thank you gift from a friend i helped with a wedding. i really just lent an extra pair of hands, and she "repaid" me with a kind note, and these adorable frames. Photobucket
3 of them, perfect for 3 little faces i know.

the next one was a little funny. since today is our wedding anniversary, Jason went out to Basha's before i woke up and got a beautiful bouquet of roses to be seen when i woke up! Photobucket
totally thoughtful and beautiful. and totally coincidentally on the same day as another friend decided to thank me with an even bigger bouquet. Photobucket
dumb luck. now, i seriously thought about hiding the second bouquet. but Jason is big boy and can appreciate good irony. or so i thought.....Photobucket
we had to engage in a quite lengthy discussion on how "size doesn't matter", before going out on our anniversary dinner date - which was lovely.

so thank you thank you to my dear friends for their wonderful thank yous! and thank you to my darling husband for a sweet anniversary. sorry i was so sick!

happy anniversary!!!

seven years ago today, i made the best decision of my life. and Jason and I were married for time and all eternity in the San Diego Temple. it's crazy how seven years can seem like both a short time, and a long time all in one. back then i couldn't have even guessed where i'd be now, in Arizona with three beautiful daughters, all daughters! wow! when i think back to that day, i remember the incredible feelings of peace and joy i felt as i prepared for the sealing. the surprising surge of contentment that swept me up as i became Mrs. Earl. the happiness shared with family and friends, taking pictures and enjoying the remarkably beautiful La Jolla day. the fun "date" we had driving up the coast to our reception. we shared a lovely ring ceremony with family and friends who didn't join us in the temple. remarkably i wasn't hungry or tired as we greeted the guests in our receiving line. in fact, it was exhilarating spending even a brief moment with each guest, even though there were 350. their genuine love and well wishes filled me with excitement for my future. i knew it was something special to have so many people to support us. the reception was a blast! i had so much fun dancing with my sisters and friends. hearing sweet toasts from my new husband, his brother, and my best friend! the obligatory cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss were fun. but there was one moment that stood out from all the rest. the moment time stood still. the moment Jason and i walked out on the dance floor for our first dance as man and wife. it started off kind of funny, because earlier the DJ had told me he didn't have some of the songs i asked for, and he announced us and started playing classical music. we didn't know if he had "our song" so we just started awkwardly dancing. then he faded in our song, and we relaxed. i'm not sure i can describe what made this moment so wonderful, but just taking that time to look into each others eyes and realize, "we're married!" was so nice. my heart did a couple of flip flops, and i fell even deeper in love somehow. not that we were all romance all the time,or anything, we were still our fun loving selves. which is why it was the perfect moment. i think i will cling to this memory today as i celebrate my seventh wedding anniversary, with a nasty cold and three sick children, i will have this PERFECT memory to sustain me. happy anniversary Jason. i love you now more than ever.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st day of school

Anna had her first day of preschool! see is going to Apples to Zebras at the Chandler Community Center. see woke up a little wary of going to school, but once we were there she just walked right in. leaving me in the dust.

after walking right in, she sat down, introduced herself to the girls next to her, and started playing. i tried to snap some pics through the door, and everyone kept getting in the way!

Anna was funny, when she came home she said, "you're not too happy mom right? because you missed me at school?" of course we missed you. good job big school girl! we love you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

big helper

all my girls are Daddy's girls. each of them in their own way. Anna preferred him from the start, Madeline was a slow to warm up, and Avery has always thought he was pretty cool, but only recently has picked him when given the choice. i love it! this week, Maddie showed her love by helping dad trim up the bougainvillea. i just had to grab the camera when i saw this outfit. still wearing jammies, kickin' kicks, awesome bed head, and these ginormous work gloves. her enthusiasm is good for letting Jason know he is not disadvantaged by not having a son. these girls can do anything a boy can do, Dad!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Maddie and Parker

we love this boy! he is so sweet and kind, and the girls just love to play with him. lately he's been teaching them boy stuff. like hunting bugs. he found a spider and a cricket in my dining room. yuck! next to Anna, Parker may just be Madeline's best friend. here they are taking a break from playing for a snack!

Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day weekend!

hurray for 3 day weekends! i recently read an article about how the state of Utah has cut back many state employee work weeks to just 4, 10 hour days. after our fun Labor Day weekend, i whole heartedly support this move. Jason, are you reading this? (ha, ha, like he's really gonna go from 5-6 12 hour days to 4, 10 hour days! ha, a 40 hr work week! a girl can dream right?) anyway, we had a great long weekend. starting on Friday night when the Johnsons watched our kids and we had a DATE NIGHT!!!!! yummy Texas Roadhouse, and stupid movie, but great night! thanks Johnsons! saturday was stormy, which is pretty awesome!...and our wonderful neighbors the Thompsons welcomed their third child - and 1st GIRL, to their family!!!!!! welcome to the neighborhood Jane! sunday we had a lovely time at church, i got to meet my new previously mentioned baby neighbor, and followed that up with wonderful dessert and even better company at the Andrus' house. have i mentioned that we love our neighborhood! Monday was bowling and bbq with Andrus clan! there is something so incredibly hilarious about watching these tiny people heft their ball, and then hurl it onto the floor, only to watch it the lane! i love this action shot, it makes it look like she gave it a good toss, which isn't really how things went. thank goodness for the bumpers. more hilarity ensued when i attempted to help Maddie with a particularly slow ball, and accidentally crossed the fowl line - this sign is not just for jest. thankfully no one caught me on film slipping, sliding, and eventually falling! and if you can read the score above, you can see that bowling is not my sport. i was bested by my 4 and 2 year-olds. i blame the wrist, but in truth i wasn't that great even pre-op. oh what fun! seriously, Jase, a 4 day work week...think it over.