Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day weekend!

hurray for 3 day weekends! i recently read an article about how the state of Utah has cut back many state employee work weeks to just 4, 10 hour days. after our fun Labor Day weekend, i whole heartedly support this move. Jason, are you reading this? (ha, ha, like he's really gonna go from 5-6 12 hour days to 4, 10 hour days! ha, a 40 hr work week! a girl can dream right?) anyway, we had a great long weekend. starting on Friday night when the Johnsons watched our kids and we had a DATE NIGHT!!!!! yummy Texas Roadhouse, and stupid movie, but great night! thanks Johnsons! saturday was stormy, which is pretty awesome!...and our wonderful neighbors the Thompsons welcomed their third child - and 1st GIRL, to their family!!!!!! welcome to the neighborhood Jane! sunday we had a lovely time at church, i got to meet my new previously mentioned baby neighbor, and followed that up with wonderful dessert and even better company at the Andrus' house. have i mentioned that we love our neighborhood! Monday was bowling and bbq with Andrus clan! there is something so incredibly hilarious about watching these tiny people heft their ball, and then hurl it onto the floor, only to watch it the lane! i love this action shot, it makes it look like she gave it a good toss, which isn't really how things went. thank goodness for the bumpers. more hilarity ensued when i attempted to help Maddie with a particularly slow ball, and accidentally crossed the fowl line - this sign is not just for jest. thankfully no one caught me on film slipping, sliding, and eventually falling! and if you can read the score above, you can see that bowling is not my sport. i was bested by my 4 and 2 year-olds. i blame the wrist, but in truth i wasn't that great even pre-op. oh what fun! seriously, Jase, a 4 day work week...think it over.


Kelly said...

Tell Carie I am so happy for her! I will have to stop by! A GIRL!! yeah for them! Now she gets all the cute clothes from her sister.. She and Jill were fighting for those!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us spend some time with you! We had a blast (and Kennedy asked tonight when she would get to play with Anna again!).