Monday, June 27, 2011

how we spend our summer days!

our days are quite simple.  enjoy some baby time:

 and swim, swim, swim!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

more of Colin's 1st month

Colin's turned into a bit of a screamer.  this has interfered with many a plan thus far.  1) going to girl's camp, 2) getting that ever lovin' naked baby portrait.  part of the problem is that though i'm a photographer, i am also a new mom and too exhausted to put up with his screams, just for a silly picture.  i should have called in a second shooter.  but i think i got some good clothed shots that i'll be happy with in exchange for my sanity.
 i got a new basket to try, again i couldn't be bothered to take off his clothes, or to wait until the morning to get better lighting.
 i love that he gave me some awake and some sleepy shots.

 i even let the girls turn the camera on me.  a bold move given my no make-up face, overweight body and huge exhausted bags under my eyes.  but i think these are the only pics of me and my son since we left the hospital!  (and i think cropping and photoshop did an okay job with these.)

awe, this post is so much more peaceful than my actual life right now.  but since he is my fourth, i know it won't last forever.  i'm still basking in the glow of a newborn, albeit a screaming one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

surfing safari

this is how we spent our mornings.  Jason wakes up at 5:50am to go out and work on our pool fence.  the girls wake up at 6:00am, put on their suits, and go "help dad work on the pool fence." 
 Jason loves that the girls are digging their bodyboards!
meanwhile, at some point Colin wakes up to eat.  Avery wakes up to eat.  and by 8:30, everyone is back in while dad showers for work!  this is working for me.  i just hope we figure out a morning swim when dad finishes the fence!

Monday, June 13, 2011

monkey boy

having a boy has introduced me to a new side of myself.  apparently i have a monkey fetish.  i love this little monkey in anything monkey.  who would have thought?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

little man goes to church!

aunt Ali sent Colin some very, very adorable little italian knit outfits.  she definitely "gets" mommy!  i couldn't resist dressing him up and taking him to church in his sunday best.  some people think i'm crazy to go to church so soon, but sometimes you just have to be normal, you know?

(don't know why blogger won't let this photo upload landscape style)
so wish colin would have let me take the binky out, but this boy knows what he wants and when he wants it.  we do not interfere with his wishes!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

hooray, a pool!!!!

after 30+ hours of this:
 and seriously, days upon days (ongoing) of this:
 we (meaning the kids, since Jason is working all the time and i can't yet) are swimming!!!!!

it's okay to be a little jealous of your kids, right?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

there's something about a sleeping baby!

everyday is like a newborn portrait session at our house.  i am absolutely obsessed with sleeping babies, especially my own!  one of my shortcomings as a photographer, is narrowing down the best shots for my clients.  i just love each and every micro expression on a baby.  for instance, i know all these shots are basically the same, but i love each one for a very specific reason. 
1) the pacifier in the background makes me smile because we always have it on hand,
 2) these two different angles show me his male patterned baldness and cute little pout,
 3) and this last shot is probably the "favorite" that will go on the wall, it's just a little bit of everything Colin, so peaceful and sweet. 
i'm not the only mother completely obsessed with their baby's face right?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Colin's first week!

Colin has been such a joy to have in our home.  it's so fun having a newborn once again.  some things are just like riding a bike, others are like getting hit by a truck....again....and not remembering.  Colin reminds me so much of Anna.  he loves the swing.
 she, and her sisters are infatuated with him. Anna is particularly fond of choosing his outfits (and her own) with care.
 we have been so lucky to have grandma and grandpa here all week.  they are just as tired as we are.  i asked Avery to go give grandpa a kiss for her nap, and came in to see her crashed out with him. 
 by week's end i think i got a nighttime rhythm down for feedings and such.  but the first few days were pretty hard.  i love these shots because one was from the first night, Jason is sleepily trying to soothe the boy while i change him.  the next is the following morning, with Colin being sufficiently soothed by big sister.  it's funny that they were in the exact same position.
 Colin does not remind me of Anna in the car.  he actually likes it!  though she always slept like this in her seat too!
 i am totally in love with this kid!
 and i'm not alone, no one can keep their hands off him.  we are all just taking turns holding him all day!

 and clearly i can't keep my lens off him either.  i'm aware that 100's of shots of a sleeping baby pretty much all look alike.  but to me, each is a masterpiece!

loving my sweet baby boy!!!