Monday, June 6, 2011

Colin's first week!

Colin has been such a joy to have in our home.  it's so fun having a newborn once again.  some things are just like riding a bike, others are like getting hit by a truck....again....and not remembering.  Colin reminds me so much of Anna.  he loves the swing.
 she, and her sisters are infatuated with him. Anna is particularly fond of choosing his outfits (and her own) with care.
 we have been so lucky to have grandma and grandpa here all week.  they are just as tired as we are.  i asked Avery to go give grandpa a kiss for her nap, and came in to see her crashed out with him. 
 by week's end i think i got a nighttime rhythm down for feedings and such.  but the first few days were pretty hard.  i love these shots because one was from the first night, Jason is sleepily trying to soothe the boy while i change him.  the next is the following morning, with Colin being sufficiently soothed by big sister.  it's funny that they were in the exact same position.
 Colin does not remind me of Anna in the car.  he actually likes it!  though she always slept like this in her seat too!
 i am totally in love with this kid!
 and i'm not alone, no one can keep their hands off him.  we are all just taking turns holding him all day!

 and clearly i can't keep my lens off him either.  i'm aware that 100's of shots of a sleeping baby pretty much all look alike.  but to me, each is a masterpiece!

loving my sweet baby boy!!!

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Kelly said...

SO So Cute! What a cute baby boy!! Im so glad I looked at your blog today! You got your little boy! And he makes your family complete!