Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

this halloween fun was had by all!  last year i scored these cute Princess pumpkin templates.  Anna had a Sleeping Beauty, Avery did Belle, and Madeline's was a coach for Cinderella. 
 the girls nixed my plans to head out to a little grove for a pre-halloween photoshoot, so we improvised with our neighbors yard. 
 my sweet little Avery is a Belle lover.  i have a really crazy problem with all the Belle costumes available in stores.  the store-Belles all have pink flowers on them for some reason.  so i whipped up a more classic Belle ensemble. 
 luckily, Madeline wanted to wear the southern belle costume i made last year!  she rocked it!!!
 and then there was my little Jessie!  i love Anna's obsession with that cute little red-headed doll.

 and let's not forget Bubba.  thanks to Aunt Corby, he was the cutest little monkey ever!!!!

 we had our annual chili party followed by trick or treating!  i found that we make halloween so fun on the block that these two would rather be home than out getting candy.  so i left Anna with some neighbors and brought the little girls home.  they played, ate candy, and crashed hard!
 when Anna came home i realized that she hadn't done her homework.  i told her to get it done, then put herself to bed and i'd be back to check on her.  the little sweetie did it.  it was the best halloween ever. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

bubba tries solids!

my girls were all introduced to solids by 4 months.  they showed the signs, watching everything we ate, reaching, and finally loving the eventual rice cereal.  now, Colin has been slow to show any interest in food.  when he did seem to reach, i jumped right in with the cereal.  this was his reaction:

i don't think he swallowed one teeny, tiny bit. he hated it.  hated it.  i think it's gonna be a while before Bubba tries food again. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

daddy daughter campout!

Jason took the girls camping this weekend, while i stayed home to shoot a wedding.  i was sad not to go, we always have a great time and soon it will be too cold.  he didn't take a camera, but i grabbed mine as soon as these faces walked through the door:

i think he took a brush but was too intimidated by the rubber bands and such to actually use one.  he just left their hair as is for 3 days.  needless to say, the bath that followed these photos was much  deserved.  many gallons of conditioner were used!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the girl who went to bed 2 and woke up 3! happy birthday to Avery!!!

when i remember, i love to snap a pic of my kids on the eve of their birthdays.  this sweet little lamby was saying goodnight to year number 2!

 when she woke up, she was a big 3 year old girl! 
 wednesday is grandma day, so she got a special shopping trip and lunch with grandma and cousins.  later, we had a cupcake party with all our neighbors. (i neglected to take out my camera, but it was so cute.  i was living in the moment.)  then we opened some presents as a family. 
 it was a Tangled themed day.  this girl is a Rapunzel fan for sure!
Happy birthday sweet Avery!  you are really growing up.  3 is your year, you're potty training, doing great in preschool, talking up a storm, and always trying new things.  even though you sometimes get a little shy, you never back down from a challenging new adventure.  you are always smiling, except when you wake up in the morning.  but you're working on that and i'm sure soon you'll be bright and sunny then too.  you love your big sisters so much and do a great job keeping up with them.  i love you sweet angel.  happy birthday, mom.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Colin at 4 months!

while we were high in the pines, i took the opportunity to snap some pics of my baby boy at 4 months.  Colin is getting so big i can hardly stand it.  he is mostly in 9 months clothes now!  what?  the time goes way too fast! 

 sisters are as in love with this boy as i am. he has very little time in the day where he is not being kissed.  i feel sorry for the eventual day that another woman wants to enter the picture!   yikes, we'll have to learn to share him?  well for now we get to smother this kid with all he can handle!
Colin, at four months you are the smiling-est, sweetest, rolly-polly baby.  you rarely cry, love to play, and giggle and kick all day in your little bouncy seat.  as long as someone is there to giggle and smile with you, you can literally sit and play all day.  you are starting to really respond to each of us individually.  i love to see you light up when your dad comes home and you get a little man time!  son, we are so happy to have you in our family! love,mommy

Sunday, October 9, 2011

cabin time!

our great friends, the Thompsons, invited us to their family cabin for the weekend.  a chance to escape the everyday, and enjoy the great outdoors.  since we're on fall break, the moms stayed for a couple of extra days!  the kids had so much fun.  who wouldn't? this place had it all! 
 swing sets,
 play ground,

 and zip line!!!

 even little Avery stepped right out for her turn on the zip line!  i was so impressed with her bravery. 

 and of course snuggling baby boy!

we had so much fun enjoying all the beauty and fun of the mountains.  the weather was cooler, the company was super fun, the accommodations were 5 star, and the activity abundant, although after the men went home, the kids did complain that the Ranger ride was sub-par.  i personally thought Carrie was very adventurous!  thanks to the Thompsons and Stubbarts for a fun time!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October =cooler weather = more time outside!

it was one of our first days outside with the neighbors.  since the temps were dipping into the low 90's we're all celebrating.  a celebration calls for popcorn of course.
 my neighbor Mirium is the town popcorn maker.  when the kids see her with her tray of cups, they come running for that sweet popped goodness!
 popcorn for all!  welcome autumn!