Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the girl who went to bed 2 and woke up 3! happy birthday to Avery!!!

when i remember, i love to snap a pic of my kids on the eve of their birthdays.  this sweet little lamby was saying goodnight to year number 2!

 when she woke up, she was a big 3 year old girl! 
 wednesday is grandma day, so she got a special shopping trip and lunch with grandma and cousins.  later, we had a cupcake party with all our neighbors. (i neglected to take out my camera, but it was so cute.  i was living in the moment.)  then we opened some presents as a family. 
 it was a Tangled themed day.  this girl is a Rapunzel fan for sure!
Happy birthday sweet Avery!  you are really growing up.  3 is your year, you're potty training, doing great in preschool, talking up a storm, and always trying new things.  even though you sometimes get a little shy, you never back down from a challenging new adventure.  you are always smiling, except when you wake up in the morning.  but you're working on that and i'm sure soon you'll be bright and sunny then too.  you love your big sisters so much and do a great job keeping up with them.  i love you sweet angel.  happy birthday, mom.

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