Friday, July 27, 2007

you can fly!!!!!

Anna has been excitedly "flying" everywhere she goes due to her introduction to one handsome boy who never grows up and his spirited pixie! we love every minute of her infectious singing and swooshing.

Friday, July 13, 2007


so my sister is (i don't know what the kids are calling it these days) kind of seeing, hanging out with, dare i a kid who plays in the Aquabats and when we were in CA i was questioning her about their current lineup to see if i still know any of these dudes. this coversation led to me discovering Commander Bat has a kids show coming out. i looked it up, and in a word it is ....awesome!!!!

then i saw it on the Daily 10! looks llike they'll have a steady stream of celebrity guests, also awesome, especially for us nursing moms who are stuck watching kids shows all day. anyway, long story short, the wait to August 20th will be a long one since Anna makes me play the tivo'ed Daily 10 and youtube clips like 30 times a day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

and in other news....

Anna is Two!!!!

Anna celebrated her second birthday in California on Sunday. she opened presents from family

and then spent 7.5 hours in the car driving back to Arizona. my favorite part of the day was when she opened a present and then asked, "where's my birthday cake?" if i had known she was aware of the whole birthday party thing, i would have baked one. the good news is, moments later the cake was forgotten due the the acquisition of princess shoes awesome

but we will have cake at a birthday/house re-warming party next week.

beach party

we were so happy to see so many of our friends and family at our little beach party on Saturday. we are far away and we miss you. thank you for coming out and having fun with us. for those of you who couldn't come, we will see you next year. we think this should be an annual thing.

i forgot to get my camera out until the very end of the day. what a shame, there were so many good photo ops. vying for the cutest couple on the beach award...winning the cutest baby on the beach award, sorry Whitney, Mia, Karah, and Laine, you were all a close second but i know the judge personally...if you know what i mean...

other cutest couple nominees, Henry and the sisters category, Ava and Ella...

mommy can i have a.....yes you can!!!Anna seemed to really enjoy the nutrient freedom she had all week. want all the Cheetos you can eat, okay. want to climb into the box of chips to get a better feel for all the flavors, go ahead. want to make yourself sick on a whole bag of famous amos cookies, why's your birthday!

the beach - cousin time

i love my cousins. my whole life, my cousins have been among my best of friends. my kids have great cousins too. Anna &Henry, and Madeline & Laine are so close in age it will be so fun to see them grow up together. Henry and Anna love to hold hands, at my parents house they run up and down the halls "racing" and then one will stop and say, "okay, lets hold hands!" Madeline and Laine hope to be just like their older siblings.
these girls were really good sports, they rarely complained about being left in their seats the majority of the week. even when they did complain, they were easily placated with food. like mother, like daughter right Maddie?it's like she's taunting.....this little piggie went to the market.....

the beach, the beach, the beach

(to be sung ala the wonder pets.)

anyway, we spent a glorious week at the beach. here it is basically laid out in pictures. we hit the sand and Anna knew just what to do, start digging!!!!
my little beach baby. it was her first time at the beach, so this is some of the only sun time she got! me on the other hand, i am a veteran and therefore felt free to burn to my hearts content. oh why does skin have to get old?the nicest girl in the whole wide world.....Ashy Tashy!!!!
i don't know if this means she's single or taken, but i do know it means she is one cute baby. thank you to aunt Ali for the cute beach ensemble!

"look mommy, i surfing with daddy!" though this was about the closest she got to the water after a little wave whomped her on the first day. hopefully next year that incident will be long forgotten.