Tuesday, July 3, 2007

the beach, the beach, the beach

(to be sung ala the wonder pets.)

anyway, we spent a glorious week at the beach. here it is basically laid out in pictures. we hit the sand and Anna knew just what to do, start digging!!!!
my little beach baby. it was her first time at the beach, so this is some of the only sun time she got! me on the other hand, i am a veteran and therefore felt free to burn to my hearts content. oh why does skin have to get old?the nicest girl in the whole wide world.....Ashy Tashy!!!!
i don't know if this means she's single or taken, but i do know it means she is one cute baby. thank you to aunt Ali for the cute beach ensemble!

"look mommy, i surfing with daddy!" though this was about the closest she got to the water after a little wave whomped her on the first day. hopefully next year that incident will be long forgotten.


Tonya said...

Love all the beach pics...such cute little girls! Ava had her first wave womping yesterday at Lauguna...I had to grab her by her suit to rescue her from being pulled under the water into the surf...(note to self...buy a lifevest)...they are water babies!

Love your beach hat...where can I get one?

Can't wait until next year!

Joanna said...

Love the picture with dad. Your captions made me laugh!

britty said...

tonya, the hat is an old Target find. i love Target!!!