Tuesday, July 3, 2007

beach party

we were so happy to see so many of our friends and family at our little beach party on Saturday. we are far away and we miss you. thank you for coming out and having fun with us. for those of you who couldn't come, we will see you next year. we think this should be an annual thing.

i forgot to get my camera out until the very end of the day. what a shame, there were so many good photo ops. vying for the cutest couple on the beach award...winning the cutest baby on the beach award, sorry Whitney, Mia, Karah, and Laine, you were all a close second but i know the judge personally...if you know what i mean...

other cutest couple nominees, Henry and Corb....in the sisters category, Ava and Ella...

mommy can i have a.....yes you can!!!Anna seemed to really enjoy the nutrient freedom she had all week. want all the Cheetos you can eat, okay. want to climb into the box of chips to get a better feel for all the flavors, go ahead. want to make yourself sick on a whole bag of famous amos cookies, why not...it's your birthday!

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