Friday, February 27, 2009

happy birthday to Madeline

Madeline is 2 years old!!!!!!!!!!! it's so crazy to think this much time has past, but the evidence is everywhere, we've moved, had another daughter, and of course everyone has kept on growing. Madeline was so excited for her birthday, she couldn't wait to turn 2. and since her true love is Cinderella, we planned accordingly. Anna took Maddie to target to pick out a gift, and this "birthday girl" tiara did the trick. on Sunday Maddie wore the cupcake clip to church and we had a little birthday party with family. Grandma and Grandpa Earl and our Earl cousins came over for dinner and cake! we made a castle cake, complete with "waterfalls" designed by the birthday girl herself.

Cinderella is Maddie's near constant companion.

Maddie got lots of cool gifts including, bubbles, and color wonder books and markers. (those are the best.)

Grandpa blew his candles out too, since his birthday is next week! fun for all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


so, we don't have a solid "bedtime routine" as prescribed by most books and websites devoted to child rearing, but here's how is generally goes: after bath and jammies, it's hair and teeth time, one girl is usually done first and sprints out of the bathroom begging dad to watch surfing. the other follows shortly thereafter and i show up to see this:
the girls love to watch surfing with their dad. and go off to sleep with visions of the North Shore dancing in their heads. sweet dreams dude!

Monday, February 23, 2009

hail to the princess Aurora

so, we love ourselves some sleeping beauty in this house. Anna got this dress for Christmas and it's practically part of her daily wardrobe. today she acted out most of the movie, and called me over after retrieving this rose from our Valentine's bouquet. she set the sleeping scene up nicely. she is so much like me in the way she can memorize entire books and movies and then play them out on her own little stage. we often have to cut her off at bedtime with a, "let's hear more about that story tomorrow night." because she doesn't want the cliff's notes version. and she is so much like me when someone tries to help her out, she's just not that into help. here's to you, my little (i mean big-girl) sleeping beauty!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bumbo love

so my friend Sarah let me see if Avery would like using her Bumbo. the answer is YES! she loves to "sit up" and see what's going on with the big girls.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

like father, like daughter

Jason snapped these out of sheer pride. we were wrapping up dinner, and Maddie snuck off for some quiet reading time. her mag of choice: Bodyboard!

Monday, February 16, 2009

happy birthday to Nalu

so, today Nalu turned 6. in the past, we've gotten her a bone and called it a day. but now that the girls can get into it, we decided to make the day even more special. i took the kids to target and let them each pick her out a toy. (thank you target dollar section.) and then we went to puppies n'love and i let them choose from a selection of yummy looking pet-pastries. they chose a donut with pink and green swirls which i spent the rest of the day convincing them would not be tasty for humans. after dinner we had a birthday party, complete with cupcakes and Aunt Tashy! Nalu liked her gifts almost as much as the girls enjoyed giving them! happy birthday pup!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


need i say more?

ps: Anna's hair is reminding me so much of my own. for better or for worse. it's a trip to see your own features on someone else.

Friday, February 6, 2009


finally, Jason and i were able to take advantage of a State Farm vacation properly, by going kid-free. okay, verbal kid-free, we did take Avery. we had a weekend getaway at the Kierland Westin here in Scottsdale. Anna and Madeline had a weekend in Villa Park, CA. we took long walks, had fabulous meals, shopped, saw a movie, slept in, watched almost the whole season 4 of 24, listened to the rain on the rooftops, and generally enjoyed ourselves. they, ate junk food, lost sleep, played with cousins, ate more junk food, watched almost the entire collection of Disney movies, and generally enjoyed themselves. a blissful weekend for all!

could it be?

we were lucky enough to sleep in again this week. this time as a family. we all cuddled up in bed, Jason and i secretly relishing the moment since we knew the big girls would be taking a little vacation....
ps: it probably should embarass me to post this pic with my perpetual laundry pile in the background (i'm well over my no make-up bed-head self), but hey this is life!

Monday, February 2, 2009

sleeping in....hurray

taday we slept in, the kids all slept longer than usual, and Anna and Avery spent time cuddling with me in my bed. these moments are heavenly.

as if this weren't enough, when Madeline got up, Anna took it upon herself to get dressed for dance! small miracles...