Monday, February 23, 2009

hail to the princess Aurora

so, we love ourselves some sleeping beauty in this house. Anna got this dress for Christmas and it's practically part of her daily wardrobe. today she acted out most of the movie, and called me over after retrieving this rose from our Valentine's bouquet. she set the sleeping scene up nicely. she is so much like me in the way she can memorize entire books and movies and then play them out on her own little stage. we often have to cut her off at bedtime with a, "let's hear more about that story tomorrow night." because she doesn't want the cliff's notes version. and she is so much like me when someone tries to help her out, she's just not that into help. here's to you, my little (i mean big-girl) sleeping beauty!


Erin said...

Ha! That made my day! Love that she set up the sleeping scene - even with the real rose. What a cutie!

~love said...

so cute! we are a mix of sleeping beauty, alice in wonderland, and dorothy most days. = ) what fun.