Saturday, March 29, 2008

baby it's hot outside

the weather is definitely HOT. it's actually scary to realize this is nothing compared to mid-summer. but we've actually hit 100, usually though it's like high 80's. so, out comes the play pool, oh how i long for the day we put in our real pool. until then, this will do. especially when you get multiple neighbors with multiple slip and slides, sprinkler attachments, and hoses. these kids love it!

even Nalu couldn't resist the fun! i like Sheriff in the background being so obedient, but really jealous that Nalu's in the pool.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Earl family Easter

Easter morning, the girls discovered that the Easter Bunny had visited them a second time. the hunt had lost it's appeal though, since they quickly found the bunny had only hidden real eggs rather than those filled with candy. so, i think the bunny will be making only one visit in years to come.

we got ready for church, and i was pleased to dress the girls up in their matching dresses. i don't match them often, but i do think it's fun. i remember i hated matching my siblings though, so i'll be mindful of that as they grow to share their opinions with me. but for now, aren't they too cute?
this was funny, because i couldn't bet Maddie to turn around so i told Anna to go stand by her, thinking she could help her cooperate. instead, Anna went over and turned her back on me too! i thought it was cute.
after church we had a little time before heading to Aunt Tara's for dinner. during that time, the girls open up shop. if you've been to our house you may have had the privilege of visiting the "cookie store." Anna and Madeline busy themselves making delicious imaginary treats, while "misters" or customers sit outside and place their orders. my favorite are the chocolate macaroons! Madeline can never decide if she wants to bake, or play "mister" so she switches back and forth at random, and often takes the imaginary baked good she has just sold you right out of your hand and eats it herself! we'll have to work on appropriate business management and just plain manners.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter on Bluebird

so, i've been playing post catch-up for a while here. hopefully one of these days all be all current. back to:
another holiday tradition in the neighborhood. after 3 years living in Arizona, this is our first Easter in our neighborhood. and we are so happy to live here and have another fun tradition for the kids. on Saturday, the neighborhood kids participated in an 11 house Easter-Egg hunt extravaganza. the girls were so excited by the brightly colored eggs scattered everywhere!
as you can see, there is no shortage of participants in the hunting. these are the kids from the neighborhood, with a few visitors:

Anna had a lot of fun looking high....
and low for all of her eggs. she was very successful in her search!
after the hunt, the fun continued with a huge breakfast spread, though it was a trick getting the kids to ignore their candy.

Anna made herself useful "guarding" Madeline's basket.

it was fun watching Madeline's first egg hunt. she was old enough to catch on to the thrill, but not the real purpose of it all.

until she broke open and egg and found jelly beans inside. then, she ignored the hunting and sat in this spot until she had devoured every last one.
not all the spoils were candy thankfully, and the balloons and bouncy balls were just as well loved.

later Saturday night, we followed our Earl family tradition of dying eggs. Anna loved her apron, and the colors.

and the colors that got all over her hands. she may have liked these results even better than the eggs she dyed. all in all - great day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ashy Tashy

we had a visit from Ashy Tashy. (she'll probably want to kill me for posting this photo, but it's the only one i took.) Ashlyn is like the child-whisperer, every child she meets is drawn to her energy and zeal. mine are no exception. they look forward to seeing her with barely contained glee, and revel in her visits, fighting sleep for one last story and cuddle. we love AshyTashy!!!! come back soon!

Monday, March 17, 2008

new favorite toy

so. Madeline has a new favorite toy. a huge basket! she loves to put things in it and push them around. she loves to take things out of it. she loves to get in and.... hates to get out. poor thing. this is why i let her do what she wants. who could resist this sad face:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the zoo, again

so, i don't think it's a secret that i love the zoo. i'll go every chance i get. and now that the girls love it too, i have the perfect excuse. this time Daddy got to come along. we had so much fun. Anna loves animals, and Madeline loves what Anna loves. i try to go out to the west side to the Wildlife World Zoo as much as possible. but, the drive tacks on a couple hours to the adventure so, the Phoenix zoo was our destination this time.

we had to see the lions first, they are Anna's favorite, or they were that day. i would show a picture of the lion, but he was sunning himself spread eagle. some may find it a little obscene.

the best part about the Phoenix zoo is they're petting area, at least for my kids. they love to brush all the little goats. i have to do my best to pretend it doesn't totally gross me out.

and here you see the effects, complete loss of consciousness. did i mention i love the zoo?????

a funny side note, before we got in the car i realized it had been a while since Anna went potty, so i made her go in the dirt. she was thrilled. she said, "look dad, i'm going just like a doggie!" too funny!

Friday, March 14, 2008

messy girls

Anna 2006

Maddie 2008

i love pics of little messy faces. i have a bunch of Anna hanging over the high chair, and now it's Madeline's turn to join in the fun. also, i think these pics show a lot of the girls' resemblance to one another.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

play group

one of the miracles of my neighborhood is playgroup. i know, a lot of people have the benefit of playgroup, but how many have all the members living within walking distance? (yes, i walk to Nicole's house on occasion.) anyway, Anna has benefited greatly from her weekly activities with her friends, and Maddie too looks forward to the day it's at our house. she loves running around with the big kids. here is a game i like to call "race," i call out an area in our (large) yard and everyone runs to it. running is a good way to keep 4 two year olds occupied. here they are at "wall." running back from "tree." can you guess which two kids are most athletic, and which two love to skip and look at flowers?
"basket!" another avorite passtime of the kids is basketball, though the girls tire of it faster than McGuire! he is playgroups MVP.
"little wall," by this time Anna and Lucy were really lagging.... here they are, i guess they really don't get the whole point of racing.
oh, playgroup how i love you! now if i could just decide what i wanted to do for pre-school next year. now that we're having another baby, i'm really leaning towards putting her in. we'll see.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

big girl like Mommy and Daddy

wow, that was a long, unplanned blogging break! due to pregnancy issues (i.e. "morning" sickness, etc.), and a week long trip to CA, i haven't been at the computer for a while. so here's a little of what's up at the Earl house......

Jason and i are Rainbow wearers. i practically live in mine. last summer Jason couldn't help buying the toddler sized rainbows for Anna. they were way too big, but will probably fit this summer. she has discovered them in her closet and loves to wear her "big girl shoes like Mommy and Daddy." she was slipping around the house in hers today and when Madeline woke up she ran upstairs to "get her first." when i came to the stairs, this is what i saw.

i was so impressed. we've nerver taught her this rule. taking your shoes off before walking on the wood stairs, she just wants to do what we do! for now anyway....