Saturday, March 29, 2008

baby it's hot outside

the weather is definitely HOT. it's actually scary to realize this is nothing compared to mid-summer. but we've actually hit 100, usually though it's like high 80's. so, out comes the play pool, oh how i long for the day we put in our real pool. until then, this will do. especially when you get multiple neighbors with multiple slip and slides, sprinkler attachments, and hoses. these kids love it!

even Nalu couldn't resist the fun! i like Sheriff in the background being so obedient, but really jealous that Nalu's in the pool.


Rich and Miriam said...

I loved hanging out by the pool with you on Saturday! :)

Mary said...

Wow - its fun to see what my kids were doing while I was hanging out inside with the baby!!! And yes - we long for the day when we have a real pool or at least some grass:)