Friday, April 4, 2008


so, now that Jason is starting his own business our vacation plans have to be on the back burner until things are running smoothly. but there are perks to this State Farm thing. this week, Jason had a conference in Tucson. he was in meetings most the time, but the girls and i took full advantage of the Marriott resort.

day 1: we got in at about 11, ate lunch at the pool-side grill and then changed into our bathing suits for an afternoon in the sun. there were 3 pools and this kid area. Anna loved playing "jump" over the fountains.

and "swimming".
Madeline was a little wary of the water. also, it got windy, so she preferred to sit with me.

one of the attendants brought her this pail and a shovel. this got her a little more interested.
Jason thought he'd be done in time to join us for an hour or so of pool time, but the conference was a little more involved than he expected, and he couldn't even eat dinner with us. this worked to my advantage because we had already decided not to try and feed our family of 4 at hotel prices and planned to go into town for dinner. well without him, there was no way i was going out at night to explore Tucson. so, the girls and i again treated our selves to resort food! it was delicious!

the night life wasn't bad either, luxurious baths:
bright lights (courtesy of state farm's promotional department)

and tons of sleep. Jason and i haven't been this well rested in 3 years. because of the close quarters we were forced to go to sleep at 8pm. why don't we do this more often?

the girls loved all the fluffy pillows.
day 2:
more pool time, but Daddy did get out of meetings a little early. so we tried out the lazy river. Maddie wasn't into it at all. seriously, i've never heard such screaming as when we tried to hold her in one of these tubes. she did however enjoy pushing them around the deck.
Anna's not new to the lazy river and she loved going on a ride with her dad!

Jason couldn't join us for dinner again so i was forced to eat at the hotel again, poor me. and did i mention how much sleep we got on this trip! it was amazing!!!
day 3:
Jason only had meeting until noon, so we spent a couple more hours at the pool before heading home. Madeline got a little braver and followed Anna onto the kiddie step. she even jumped to me a few times.
Anna was too funny with her floaties and tube. she floated around kicking wildly, but still taking time to enjoy the view.
the resort was really kid friendly with all these toys, it was a good distraction for Maddie. and the staff was so friendly and helpful, they quickly learned the girls' names and were always asking them if they needed anything. one guy even offered to watch Maddie by the pool while i took Anna to the potty. i declined, but it was a sweet offer.
Anna looking out from our room's balcony.
we all got a little too much sun despite my best efforts to apply and re-apply sunscreen. i also learned that i have to be much more concerned about my back then in years past. when you are constantly bending down to help kids, it's the most exposed area. you learn something new every kid!
finally, i had Jason snap a quick picture of me, to assure my posterity that i did exist. i have to remember to pass the camera to him a little more, even when i don't feel like it!

viva the free vacation!!!!!


Leila said...

How fun!! That looks like a great vacation, and for free- what a deal! I bet the short car ride made it even better (I am assuming the ride to Tuscon is not too bad). Anna is looking so much older! And when I see pictures of Maddie I have to remind myself that she and Leila are not the exact same age, even though they are the same size, she is so cute! We hope to see you soon, I think Leila would go crazy getting to play with two girls who are so darn cute!

Erin said...

For sure VIVA the free vacation! Where can I get one of those! Looks like you all had a blast - Anna is looking older. I thought the same thing. Love the picture of the two of them in the bath.

How are you feeling? You look great!

Joanna said...

You're so cute. Where is your tummy?!?!

britty said...

wow, i have nice friends. so, i was laughing all week feeling like i should wear a shirt that says PREGNANT, and make sure to hold up my 1 year old. take that into account and i am looking good!!! thanks guys for the encouragement!

My name is Ali... said...

such cute pics of the girls and you all enjoying your cool, I've never seen a lazy river outside of times! Good luck with the new business!

i'm kelly said...

looks like so much fun... definitely a "perk".