Sunday, April 20, 2008

pretty, pretty, princess and king (sort of)

so, we have a neighborhood babysitting co-op that is awesome. it is so nice to have a babysitter that is FREE! (Johnson's when are you back on board?) and it's great when the kids are at our house, because the entertain each other. and us as was the case this weekend. after spending the day by the "pool" and having a pizza picnic on the lawn (which was awesome, Jason picked up pizzas for the neighborhood and we all ate outside, spur of the moment), we headed in to play some games. Anna decided she wanted to dress up, and Madeline quickly followed suit. Gary did not want to be left out, so he asked wear a dress too! well, i'm not about to let one kid do something and another not. based solely on gender. so, here he is in all his glory. don't worry, he wasn't having and confusion issues. he kept telling Anna, "your a princess and i'm the king!" i made sure his mom got a good look at him when she came to pick him up. i guess i need to invest in some "boy" pretend clothes!

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