Sunday, November 21, 2010

we tried sponge rollers!

8am church leaves me a little pressed for time in the morning, so i tried this age old method. 
here are the results:

i think this is worth doing again!  mostly because the girls had so much fun with it, i wasn't expecting that.

Friday, November 19, 2010

field trip: the zoo!

i love the zoo!  i also love taking my kids.  something about the animals is magical. 

 this was cracking me up.  the baboons were a big attraction for the kids.  they were in awe of their "pink bottoms".  when i spotted Madeline and this guy staring longingly at each other it just melted my heart.  Maddie is such a little softy, she really loves with her whole heart. 
 i hope they don't ever consider trying this with a real komodo dragon!
 it's great that the phoenix zoo has all these little play areas.  the kids come home nice and sleepy!

 and of course, the petting zoo.  Madeline is in heaven getting up close and personal with the goats. 
 this was Avery's first time really being able to get into it. it was fun watching her mimic Anna and Maddie.  she is their constant shadow, learning the ways of the world through their behavior.  good thing their behavior is so good!

Monday, November 15, 2010

glamour girl

Avery loves shoes!  ever since she could say the word, she has woken up crying, "shoes!"  she won't stay in her pajamas for a second because she wants to get dressed and put on shoes. so of course she loves to play with my shoes!

she also likes to see the photos that i take, right after i click the shuttter she says, "me see."  when i showed her the above shots she said, "no me." so i took a pic of her face to appease her.  but seriously, who could resist taking a picture of this face:
 Madeline wanted in on the action too! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

let the good times roll

Jason has been sleeping in the guest room since his accident.  (it's win-win, he doesn't have to do stairs, and i don't have to lose sleep worries i'm going  to kick him in the leg.)  so, each morning, the girls wake up and come snuggle with me for a little while.  then they say, "okay, time to snuggle with daddy."  then they go have a little mini party.  this morning, when Avery and i woke up, we found this:
 the funny part is, he suggested this because he didn't want the girls making a mess with stickers elsewhere.  that is just so Jason!

Friday, November 12, 2010

field trip!

Andrea planned a fun field trip for preschool. we got to go to Bashas grocery store. we got to see pizza made in a real brick oven!

go into the back of a truck making a delivery,
and completely devour a plate of grapes after a tour of the produce section.  this was slightly mortifying for me as a parent, to watch my children shed their manner to shove fistfuls of grapes in their mouths.  but in the end, it was just hilarious. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

staycation 2010

 Daddy had a conference at the Fort McDowell Raddisson!  this gave me a great reason to stop complaining about the hot weather.  the girls and i got to hang out by the pool for 2 days.  i may have had to give up a nights sleep to cuddle with an unruly 2 year old, but it was totally worth it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

brought to you by the letter K

for preschool this week we studied the letter "k".  i tend to not get too creative with the snacks, but today i had an idea: bite pretzels into Ks......or Os.....or I...who knew there were so many options!

though it's november, this scarf Madeline is wearing really isn't necessary in our 90 degree weather.  the tank tope however is totally necessary.