Monday, November 15, 2010

glamour girl

Avery loves shoes!  ever since she could say the word, she has woken up crying, "shoes!"  she won't stay in her pajamas for a second because she wants to get dressed and put on shoes. so of course she loves to play with my shoes!

she also likes to see the photos that i take, right after i click the shuttter she says, "me see."  when i showed her the above shots she said, "no me." so i took a pic of her face to appease her.  but seriously, who could resist taking a picture of this face:
 Madeline wanted in on the action too! 

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Carroll Family said...

Erin's first word was "shoes"! She doesn't have a fetish for them ,though. Talin used to - it was so funny! If we couldn't find someone's shoes we always knew he had taken them!