Friday, July 29, 2011

Colin - 2 months

oh, how we're loving this baby boy!  i can't believe he is already 2 months!  he is starting to giggle all the time, and really loves to play with his sisters.  he's sleeping so much better now, and therefore i am now sleeping better.  i love this little photo session he did with daddy!

Colin, it is so funny having a baby boy in the house!  even though you're only 2 months old, you are such a BOY.  we love your happy cooing self and can't wait for all that life has in store!!!
love you, Mommy

Monday, July 25, 2011

bubba and his sailor suit

i love the classics!  classic literature, classic rock (okay not like the Eagles, but i'm sure the Cure is considered "classic" now right??)  and most especially classic children's clothing.  give me peter pan collars, smocking, puffed sleeves, patent mary janes, etc.  and for the gentleman: a sailor suit. (on a side note, i have been frantically hunting down classic black and white saddle shoes, anyone have any leads for me?  seems they stopped making them?)  anyway, i've been told (by his daddy) that Colin has 2 years in which to dress this way, so i'm living it up!!!!
 and his sissy's just keep on loving his mad style!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


have i mentioned how much we love having a pool.  it's a dream come true for summertime activity!!!!  it makes for some cute kiddie pics too!

Madeline is hilarious.  she really needs some swimming lessons from an outside source.  she won't take her floaties off for me and Jason.  she's done it, she just won't.  the other day she came to pay by me in a chaise and took off her floaties.  then Anna jumped in the pool, and she jumped after her.  before i could react, she had swam to the side and pulled herself out.  she was frantically panting, "mom, i just drowned!"  i said, "no, you just swam." but she refused to believe me!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the first cut is the deepest - Madeline

i think it's a rite of  passage or something.  maybe it's more of a flexing of independence, but it seems many a child give cutting their own hair a whirl.  Anna had her moment last year.  and now, Maddie has followed suit.  after months of complaining about her bangs, me pinning them back each day, she finally decided to take matters into her own hands.  she chopped them right off.  there you go - no bangs!  problem solved!

they definitely stay out of her eyes now. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

her first wedding dress

when Grandma and Grandpa Beardsley were in town they took Anna on a birthday shopping spree.  she chose to go to the Chandler Mall, after over an hour of perusing shops, she landed at the Disney store.  this is where she made her birthday selection, Ariel's wedding dress:
 she wanted to look just like Ariel, so i made her a veil. i wish i had a video of Jason's face when he came home and Anna ran up and said, "Dad, what do you think of my wedding dress?"  he looked like he was going to throw up.

i think he's going to be like George Banks from father of the bride, when the time actually comes!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anna loses her 1st tooth!

for some reason i thought milestones were supposed to be expected.  a baby doesn't just stand up and walk one day, first she cruises on the furniture, tests out standing on her own....

i thought teeth felt loose for a while, the child wiggles it with her tongue, days pass, anxiously awaiting the big moment...not so much in this house.  one minute Anna comes to me with an apple and says, "this apple is gross mom, it's got red stuff all over it."  i'm nursing colin, i glance at the apple.  it does have a reddish/brownish tinge.  i say, "throw it away and get another.'  she leaves. 

2 minutes late i hear her in the bathroom, "mom, i think my tooth is gone."  me, "what, come here!?!?!"

the tooth is in fact gone.  and lost, we think she swallowed it, checked the trash, the floor, the apple, it's gone.  i don't know why, but i felt a little robbed of the moment.
Anna didn't feel robbed tough.  after leaving an explanatory note, the toothfairy still left her a dollar!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

crazy az weather

i know the recent haboob made national news, but around here we see crazy weather all summer long.  while the kids were swimming, the sky to the east was ominous as i got the kids out of the pool. 
 and on our way back inside, the sky to the east was bright, clear and blue!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my baby at one month old

we are loving our little man.  why do the newborn months go by so fast, while the pregnancy months just move at a snail's pace!  Colin is so big, i am stuffing him into all his 0-3 month outfits for one last go.  i just had to take a photo of him in my favorite gown. 
as you can see, our time with this gown is coming to an end.  thanks Jill and Carrie!
i'm loving these baby blues.  since we are an all brown eyed family, these little sparklers take us by surprise.  i keep snapping pics of them because they may change at any moment. 

son, you are a blessing.  you are growing so big, always tracking us with your blue eyes, learning to smile and react to your sisters.  we love you!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

my beautiful baby!

Now I am six,

I'm as clever as clever.
So I think I'll be six
now and forever.
- a.a.milne

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy birthday to Anna!!!!

this little princess went to bed a 5 year old....and woke up to turn six with the most awesome swim party ever!!!!  (mostly because we are all so excited to finally have a pool!)
 Jason can not be more thrilled that the girls love playing toothpick as much as he does!  the game was a party pleaser.
 and of course, a pinata!  who doesn't love smashing open a cardboard character and grabbing up as much candy as you can carry!!!!

Happy Birthday to Anna!!!!!

Dear Anna,
I can't believe you are six years old.  The time has flown by.  It seems like just yesterday you were a baby in my arms just like Colin!  You are the best big sister any kid could have.  You always look for ways to help and teach your sisters, and Colin loves coo and smile with you.  You have the happiest personality and friendly smile.  You make your dad and I so proud.  Thank you for being a wonderful, darling daughter.  We love you!
love, Mom