Tuesday, June 29, 2010


so, every 5th Wednesday, we have a PJS party for young women's. most the time, i don't get to change into my pjs, but this time i made an effort. i just grabbed the first tee and bottoms i could and headed for the door. as i was passing out spaghetti, grabbing the the keys, and heading out, Madeline said, "mom, i don't think yellow strips goes with pink." it took me a beat to realize she was talking about me, and not in a good way. she was right, but i was late....
the really funny part, was that her tone of voice was exactly the one i use when suggesting the girls' outfits aren't quite matching. what goes around comes around.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

i'll love to see the Temple

it'll be built here someday:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

girls camp 2010

it was that time of year again. the time when all the plans, gear, and smiling faces align to bring us an action packed week of spiritual fun. this year at girls' camp we unloaded our burdens on a 3 mile hike, helped bring clean births to women and children in 3rd world countries, wowed an audience with our great talents, ate yummy food, parcoured our hearts out, won the spirit stick no less tha TWICE!!!!, built stronger friendships, and drew closer to our Savior by learning more about his life and ministery. i am a blessed girl!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

my kids like books

as you may recall, Anna is a bit of a night owl. and more specifically a night time reader. i have found her dozens of times, asleep among her books after a secret late night read-fest. this is a biological trait that she must have gotten from me. well, now sister is in on the act. Madeline has always been a little more like my sister Ashlyn, when bedtime rolls around, she's down for the count. but tonight, when i headed to bed, i saw the light under her door. to my surprise, i found this:she must have just passed out right in the middle of her favorite story. i can't help but find this endearing. i love that they love to read!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

the end of an era

my parents have basically had a child in high school ever since i started in 1990. today that era came to a close when this young man accepted his diploma from Villa Park High School! (i need to get some copies of old pics to juxtapose with some of these, their classic!)

Avery, showing her tantrum side, and thus inspiring the other kids to show their too silly sides:

this is our old house, where Collier had his first day of kindergarten. we took this pic on his last day of high school!
Collier was a good sport and indulged me in several photoshoots while i was in town. the results were fab:

i'm very proud of al that you've accomplished. thanks for hanging out with me and showing me your best model moves. i had so much fun with you. and i cannot thank you enough for being such a loving uncle. you do owe me, but still, you go above and beyond. i love you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the beach, the beach, the beach!

though June lived up to it's reputation and was gloomy most of our trip, we still made it out to the beach one day. Avery has very strong opinions about things. one thing: she hates sand. she basically whines while i hold her walking on sand, then screams when she thinks i'm putting her down on the sand, then realizes she's on a towel and becomes mildly amused with some toy i give her. she did not inherit this trait, the rest of us love everything beachy!!!we were joined by these two sweet babes:

this sequence of shots amuses me beyond words. this young man lost his body board, and Madeline (without prompting) ran to his assistance. she grabbed the board and stood by the water's edge waiting for him. then she politely handed it over. i did an okay job of capturing her philanthropy, but what i didn't realize i was capturing was the young lady in blue doing a cartwheel. that's cool too!

see what i mean, everyone but Avery loves the beach: (and Laine even really, really, loves sand)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

welcome home Mark!

i'm completely disappointed in myself. my cousin Mark came home from a 2 year mission for our church. tons of family gathered at my cousin Erin's beautiful home, and the only photo i mangaged to muster was this one. good thing it's a classic. princess Karah on her rocking horse with her pistol. now that's a cowgirl with 3 brothers! oh how i wish i had captured the joy of my children frolicking with their cousins. but alas, after Avery decided to throw a huge tantrum, i just had no energy left. i sat, ate, and caught up with some of my favorite people in the world. welcome home Mark! you returned with honor!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the long awaited Tonya Joy workshop!

while in California, i was lucky enough to be able to attend this:
a photography workshop taught by my dear friend, and inspiration Tonya Joy!
i learned so much and was able to participate in 2 awesome styled shoots! one "bridal":

one family:

it was so much fun! i've been so busy editing weddings and working with "real" clients, that i haven't even had a chance to play with these photos. i love them straight out of camera. what a fun day! thanks Tonya!

Friday, June 11, 2010

happy (early) birthday to Henry!

it's hard to believe this guy is 6 years old! well, maybe because he's not - yet. his smart mom and dad threw him a swinging Laker's birthday party early, since he's moving to Washington. that way, all his cool friends and cousins could be there to party with him. and party we did!
i can't help but laugh every time i see this pic!

the kids had so much fun at my old childhood haunt, Hillcrest Park in Fullerton. they played on the playground, which is very renovated since my day, and then ran races up and down the famous hill!
these two cousins are way too cute together. i'm so glad they are so close in age and get to have that best-friend/cousin relationship! i keep telling Autumn, we are going to have to spend the summers in Washington, and they can come out here when their tired of rain!

i think all the kids looked so cute with their "race faces"on. but i loved this one because it looks like she's the winner! (she wasn't, she just turned around after a few feet and came back).
i call this series, "Avery." here i'm trying to get the girls to give me a cute sister shot. Avery will not put her arm around Madeline.
Madeline asks nicely:Avery hits her. though it could look like she was coming to join it the photo, this was indeed a hit. so Avery. her poor sisters are so kind and patient with these "terrible twos" we've got going on lately.
can you believe this little angel, can be such a devil?

cake time! this is Henry asking his dad,
if he can do this:
world's best Grandpa!

pinata time! i spied Henry doing the Beardsley hand rub of excitement.
and Anna, in line, waiting for her turn. she was a little wary.

hit me with her best shot:

thanks for a great party you almost six year old boy!!!!