Friday, June 11, 2010

happy (early) birthday to Henry!

it's hard to believe this guy is 6 years old! well, maybe because he's not - yet. his smart mom and dad threw him a swinging Laker's birthday party early, since he's moving to Washington. that way, all his cool friends and cousins could be there to party with him. and party we did!
i can't help but laugh every time i see this pic!

the kids had so much fun at my old childhood haunt, Hillcrest Park in Fullerton. they played on the playground, which is very renovated since my day, and then ran races up and down the famous hill!
these two cousins are way too cute together. i'm so glad they are so close in age and get to have that best-friend/cousin relationship! i keep telling Autumn, we are going to have to spend the summers in Washington, and they can come out here when their tired of rain!

i think all the kids looked so cute with their "race faces"on. but i loved this one because it looks like she's the winner! (she wasn't, she just turned around after a few feet and came back).
i call this series, "Avery." here i'm trying to get the girls to give me a cute sister shot. Avery will not put her arm around Madeline.
Madeline asks nicely:Avery hits her. though it could look like she was coming to join it the photo, this was indeed a hit. so Avery. her poor sisters are so kind and patient with these "terrible twos" we've got going on lately.
can you believe this little angel, can be such a devil?

cake time! this is Henry asking his dad,
if he can do this:
world's best Grandpa!

pinata time! i spied Henry doing the Beardsley hand rub of excitement.
and Anna, in line, waiting for her turn. she was a little wary.

hit me with her best shot:

thanks for a great party you almost six year old boy!!!!


Aryn said...

Autumn's sister Aryn here, blog hopping... what gorgeous pictures!! You definitely have a gift... and these pictures of my gorgeous niece and nephew totally made my day. Your kiddos are pretty cute too, I must say. Hope all is well ;).

Anonymous said...

Avery a devil? I just can't believe it...she melts my heart every time I see her, especially when she climbs into my lap and stays for awhile. I love your girls!

britty said...

thanks for checking in Aryn! and Mirium - everyone always says that about Avery. i was almost glad she threw a huge fit that everyone could see so they could realize i wasn't lying. in her defense, they are few and far between. she is a doll 90% of the time! thanks for all your help with my kids!!!