Tuesday, June 1, 2010

right back where i started from....

while Jason was at AP camp with 400 Scouts, i took the girls to California. they got off to a great start by wrestling Aunt Tashy to the ground! this was the theme of our entire vacation: pure FUN!grandma and grandpa have a box full of costumes and a stage in their back yard. can you tell they are the proud grandparanets of 4 very girlie little girls? this is why people think Anna looks like me, because she acts like me. during this show she was the star, and the director. she belted out all of her favorite tunes, some which she made up on the spot. then she would tell everyone else what to do. my girls are used to it, but Laine and Leila, who are th only princesses in their castles, were a little taken back. but Anna's bigger, so they complied.
i couln't get over Avery in this way too big maribou trimmed tutu. Leila was loving all the singing and dancing. i'm so glad Caitlin and i were in town at the same time for once!i caught Anna checking out her sparkles. she was amazed at how she could control them. all this, and we'd only been in town for 4 hours! this was going to be a fun 2 weeks

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