Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my baby boy is 1!

i can't believe it really happened, but i had a baby boy and now that boy is one year old!  are you kidding me?  seems like just yesterday our entirely pink world was invaded by the most perfect boy who was ever born!  and now a full year has passed?  unbelievable!  
 and yes ladies, he really is just this handsome!
 the boy was showered with all things boy, namely every type of ball ever made. 
 and of course the cupcake smash!

 it was a happy birthday for a happy boy!

Dear Colin,  

you have literally change our lives!  it has been an amazing blessing to have you in our lives.  your sisters adore you, and the feeling is mutual.  each day it seems you learn something new, and that thing is usually the newest way to wrap up even more around your finger.  i love the fun you bring to our home.  you are so darling, so fun, so loving, and happy as a clam!  thank you for being the best boy in the world! 
happy birthday! 

love, mommy

Saturday, May 26, 2012

California dreamin'

we got to go to California for Memorial Day weekend.  it got off to a great start with a trip to Irvine park, and a pony ride!

 Colin was not too sure about the pony to start, but Avery was an old pro.

 but once he got going, he thought it was awesome.  he even almost waved!
 the main reason we were there was to attend my friend Nikki's wedding!  i can't tell you what a joy it was to get together with these ladies and their husbands, and witness one of the most beautiful ceremonies i've ever scene.  (ps: two of these ladies are pregnant, can you guess who?  hint: not me.  but good luck, because these mommas look amazing!) 
 here we are with the lovely bride and Danielle, whose little boy kinda stole the show a little with his awesome ring bearer skills.  
 we capped off the weekend with a day at the beach!

 since Colin's birthday was one day away, we decided to give him a little cake smash!

 Colin wouldn't be Colin without rubbing everything he eats into his hair!
 a beach bath was definitely in order!
thanks to Uncle Austy and Aunt Holly for the cute duds, and grandma and grandpa for the sweet cash!

 Happy Birthday Bubba!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

fathers and sons (or daughters) campout

since up until last year we only had daughters, Jason has been in the habit of taking his girls to the father and son campout rather than a son.  and Bubba was still a little young this year, so these two cuties joined dad in the woods:

 these guys had a blast!  fishing, quad riding, eating junk food, hanging with pals, all made for a fun weekend. 

while they were gone, Anna, Colin and I had our own brand of fun.  i dubbed the weekend "girls weekend," and let Anna choose all our activities.  her idea of fun, going to ALL the malls.  so we had fun shopping, getting pedicures, shopping, eating, and more shopping! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moroni on the Gilbert Temple

so, Moroni was scheduled to be lifted up onto the Gilbert Temple today.  but it was a very windy day, and the rumors were that it wouldn't be done in the wind.  so, we hung out with pals at a splash pad birthday party!

 and on the way home, i cruised by the Temple to see what was going on.  as we rounded the corner, I could see Moroni being hoisted up!
 the girls trekked out into the field for a better (albeit muddy) view.

 it was way past Colin's nap time, but i thought someday he'd appreciate the photographic evidence that he was there!
 at the end, the news helicopter was circling around.  i bet they got some amazing shots!
we can't wait until this Temple is up and running!