Tuesday, July 22, 2008

that's scary

so, Anna has always been a very delicate soul. it takes her a long time to get used to change and she has a laundry list of shows that she won't watch because they're too scary. Jason and i have worked hard to toughen her up a bit, or at least keep her from bursting into tears at other peoples houses. so far, she does okay. here's an example of her watching a new Backyardigans episode:

i can read her mind, "okay this is new. it's not something i'm entirely used to, but i'll give it a try, wouldn't want to be rude to my cousin.""alright, a little too new, scary even. just cover my eyes (like mom and dad taught me) until this part is over. no need to burst out crying."

oh, i hope she continues to get braver as the months and years move forward.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

that was then, this is now

July 20, 2008 was a momentus occation for the Beardsleys, it was the night of the 45th annual Las Companas Debutante Ball, and my dad's final time escorting a daughter for her presentation. fun was had by all, and nostalgia ran deep. Corbynn and Ashlyn have both worn my dress even though the big puffy sleeved days are long gone. it's tradition! here's a look at Beardsley Debs through the ages:



2008, Daddy Daughter

and another Daddy/daughter pair i'm quite fond of:

the cousins had a fun time hanging out in their formal-wear, don't tell these gus they didn't go to the real party!
future Debutantes these two know they look good, that's why they had to check out every shot of themselves.Earl familyi am seriously glad that shopping for a formal gown in my condition is over. worst experience ever! (and i shopped for my wedding dress in a wheel chair and on crutches!)Uncle Coll, he may win for most changed throughout the years, based soley on age, and Barrett, to me, is the least changed, by appearence at least i mean he now has 2 kids, while Collier still lives at home.

all the girls:

and without kids!special guest stars, Ian "falconbones" Fowelsand Holly Marie Anderson.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Earl family beach party take 2

so, Jason has been working like a dog for the past year, and will most likely not have a proper vacation until next year. this was his one day at the beach practically all summer (not counting the upcoming family reunion). Being that this was such a special day, we invited all our friends and family to join us. as always it was such a pleasure catching up and relaxing with our pals and their growing broods. this party gets bigger and bigger every year, thanks to procreation!!! incidentally, i recently noted that some friends said Corbynn and i look nothing alike. well, apparently they have not seen our identical abs - twins right??? (ps: in case it is unclear, i am 7 months pregnant!!!!!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


you may remember the trip we took to Tucson with State Farm in April, Jason worked, we played, (i learned this is called a "stay-cation" in the biz) - well we were at it again. this time, at one of the most beautiful hotels i have ever seen worldwide, the Royal Palms Resort! our room opened up onto this amazing courtyard with a fountain and plenty of lounging areas, too bad it was only comfortable before 8am and after 9pm.it was in Scottsdale, it was fabulous, and the girls and i had an awesome time, swimming (the pool was tiled in 1" mother of pearl tiles giving the water a luminous quality that i just couldn't quite capture on film), shopping, and overall staying cool. the girls and i had such fun exploring the seemingly endless garden paths, gazebos, lawns, fountains, and even hideouts(this was a "secret" garden we found the girls performed here several times during our stay, and even "found" a kitty cat here).....but this "stay-cation" gave me a novel idea - what if next time we do it without kids???? we'll see, apparently we are some of the crazy few who have never spent a night away together without their children, just haven't had the chance. well, as i will be nursing again soon, we may get crazy next month with a little mommy/daddy stay-cation...stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

pretty, pretty princess take 2

Anna was bombarded with princess things for her birthday. she and dad had fun dressing up and posing together! so, maybe he would benefit from having a son?

Monday, July 14, 2008


i gave Madeline her first Oreo, and to my surprise she immediately twisted the top of and licked out the inside before turning her attention to the chocolate cookie portion. pure instinct.
Anna told me she learned her technique by watching the grandpa and boy on tv? ah, the age old question, nature vs. commercials?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

big like sissy

so. Madeline always wants to do just what Anna does, even go potty. ususally i say no because i am too busy keeping them germ free and i know she will not really potty train anytime soon. but this time, it was just me and Maddie so i let her go. and she did! still, i'm not going for the whole potty training experience anytime soon! one at a time, that's my motto!

Friday, July 11, 2008

so existential

Madeline loves to read, and to "read." she will sit with any book (sans pictures) and "read" to herself. this week, she is sulky and brooding while she mulls over a little Camus in her spare time. ah, one year olds!

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy birthday to America!

so, if you live outside AZ you may not know that the place can really become a ghost town in the summer. we, in fact have high hopes to spend the rest of our Independence Days on the beach in CA. however this year, as last, we were pretty much stuck.....luckily, our neighbors were out of town and suggested we have free reign in their pool. we took them up on the offer, and had a great fourth with family and food! at first i wondered if i'd ever use these water shoes, then after battling Maddie to stay in the pool rather than burn her feet, i realized they were necessary! the girls love to be wrapped up like burritos at the end of a long swimming day!
mommy splurged on her favorite - Cool Ranch Doritos, yum!the next day at church, i broke out the patriotic dresses!i'm a sucker for these sisters, they are too cute!