Thursday, July 17, 2008


you may remember the trip we took to Tucson with State Farm in April, Jason worked, we played, (i learned this is called a "stay-cation" in the biz) - well we were at it again. this time, at one of the most beautiful hotels i have ever seen worldwide, the Royal Palms Resort! our room opened up onto this amazing courtyard with a fountain and plenty of lounging areas, too bad it was only comfortable before 8am and after was in Scottsdale, it was fabulous, and the girls and i had an awesome time, swimming (the pool was tiled in 1" mother of pearl tiles giving the water a luminous quality that i just couldn't quite capture on film), shopping, and overall staying cool. the girls and i had such fun exploring the seemingly endless garden paths, gazebos, lawns, fountains, and even hideouts(this was a "secret" garden we found the girls performed here several times during our stay, and even "found" a kitty cat here).....but this "stay-cation" gave me a novel idea - what if next time we do it without kids???? we'll see, apparently we are some of the crazy few who have never spent a night away together without their children, just haven't had the chance. well, as i will be nursing again soon, we may get crazy next month with a little mommy/daddy stay-cation...stay tuned!


Erin said...

Okay - you were just a blogging FOOL! I just caught up on about 10 posts I either missed...or you blogged all night last night!

It was fun for me. Felt like I got a little glimpse into the last month of your lives. Especially loved the pics of Ana's birthday and playing dress up with Daddy.

We never left our kids overnight for about the first 3 years either. But when we did, it was great. We were gone less than 24 hours however, and both of us were like - "let's head home a little early and get the girls!"

Do it! An adult Stay-cation before baby is definitely worth it. Some of my girlfriends call it the "Baby-moon" - last trip before baby!

Sharone said...

Your family is so beautiful! Congratulations to you and Jason :)