Saturday, July 19, 2008

Earl family beach party take 2

so, Jason has been working like a dog for the past year, and will most likely not have a proper vacation until next year. this was his one day at the beach practically all summer (not counting the upcoming family reunion). Being that this was such a special day, we invited all our friends and family to join us. as always it was such a pleasure catching up and relaxing with our pals and their growing broods. this party gets bigger and bigger every year, thanks to procreation!!! incidentally, i recently noted that some friends said Corbynn and i look nothing alike. well, apparently they have not seen our identical abs - twins right??? (ps: in case it is unclear, i am 7 months pregnant!!!!!)

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Erin said...

Such fun - sorry to have missed the party. And I've always thought you and Corbynn look alike...abs and all!! :)