Sunday, July 20, 2008

that was then, this is now

July 20, 2008 was a momentus occation for the Beardsleys, it was the night of the 45th annual Las Companas Debutante Ball, and my dad's final time escorting a daughter for her presentation. fun was had by all, and nostalgia ran deep. Corbynn and Ashlyn have both worn my dress even though the big puffy sleeved days are long gone. it's tradition! here's a look at Beardsley Debs through the ages:



2008, Daddy Daughter

and another Daddy/daughter pair i'm quite fond of:

the cousins had a fun time hanging out in their formal-wear, don't tell these gus they didn't go to the real party!
future Debutantes these two know they look good, that's why they had to check out every shot of themselves.Earl familyi am seriously glad that shopping for a formal gown in my condition is over. worst experience ever! (and i shopped for my wedding dress in a wheel chair and on crutches!)Uncle Coll, he may win for most changed throughout the years, based soley on age, and Barrett, to me, is the least changed, by appearence at least i mean he now has 2 kids, while Collier still lives at home.

all the girls:

and without kids!special guest stars, Ian "falconbones" Fowelsand Holly Marie Anderson.


Rich and Miriam said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!! So fun to see all the pics! :)

Erin said...

Your about the best looking pregnant "formal wear" model I have ever seen!! Love the dress thru the years. That is sweet!

Autumn and Barrett said...

That picture of Ian seriously rocks.

My name is Ali... said...

Sounds like such a fun night...the kids look adorable, and you my dear look fantastic pregnant! I can only hope that when it's my time I can look as good as you!!

Joanna said...

I hear ya' about shopping for a formal dress while pregnant! I realized, while looking for a dress for Mel's wedding, how long I had avoided mirrors and why. Could it be the lighting?!?!