Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, amid sparkles, pink, flowers, fluttering butterflies, and plenty of balloons, Anna turned 3! she requested a butterfly party where she wore butterfly wings, played butterfly "hot stotch", pin the heart on the butterfly, made butterfly crafts, and ate butterfly cakes and cookies. 10 of Anna's closest friends showered her with sparkly, girly gifts, and dad finished off the day by fulfilling Anna's birthday dinner request: McDonalds with and ice cream and plenty of play time!!!!!!!!!!! Anna's favorite present though was from the Beardsleys, who sent Funshine Bear, via Fed Ex. how exciting! and Anna made sure to share her gifts with sissy and Nalu, what a nice 3 year old girl!

ps: after the party Jason had to go to work right a way, he called a little later and i said clean up had been easy and i was just about to vaccuum. when i got off the phone, mommy's little helper had gone to the closet and gotten the vaccuum. she was so proud! (so was i!)

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