Friday, July 4, 2008

happy birthday to America!

so, if you live outside AZ you may not know that the place can really become a ghost town in the summer. we, in fact have high hopes to spend the rest of our Independence Days on the beach in CA. however this year, as last, we were pretty much stuck.....luckily, our neighbors were out of town and suggested we have free reign in their pool. we took them up on the offer, and had a great fourth with family and food! at first i wondered if i'd ever use these water shoes, then after battling Maddie to stay in the pool rather than burn her feet, i realized they were necessary! the girls love to be wrapped up like burritos at the end of a long swimming day!
mommy splurged on her favorite - Cool Ranch Doritos, yum!the next day at church, i broke out the patriotic dresses!i'm a sucker for these sisters, they are too cute!

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