Thursday, June 17, 2010

the end of an era

my parents have basically had a child in high school ever since i started in 1990. today that era came to a close when this young man accepted his diploma from Villa Park High School! (i need to get some copies of old pics to juxtapose with some of these, their classic!)

Avery, showing her tantrum side, and thus inspiring the other kids to show their too silly sides:

this is our old house, where Collier had his first day of kindergarten. we took this pic on his last day of high school!
Collier was a good sport and indulged me in several photoshoots while i was in town. the results were fab:

i'm very proud of al that you've accomplished. thanks for hanging out with me and showing me your best model moves. i had so much fun with you. and i cannot thank you enough for being such a loving uncle. you do owe me, but still, you go above and beyond. i love you.

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