Monday, July 11, 2011

Anna loses her 1st tooth!

for some reason i thought milestones were supposed to be expected.  a baby doesn't just stand up and walk one day, first she cruises on the furniture, tests out standing on her own....

i thought teeth felt loose for a while, the child wiggles it with her tongue, days pass, anxiously awaiting the big moment...not so much in this house.  one minute Anna comes to me with an apple and says, "this apple is gross mom, it's got red stuff all over it."  i'm nursing colin, i glance at the apple.  it does have a reddish/brownish tinge.  i say, "throw it away and get another.'  she leaves. 

2 minutes late i hear her in the bathroom, "mom, i think my tooth is gone."  me, "what, come here!?!?!"

the tooth is in fact gone.  and lost, we think she swallowed it, checked the trash, the floor, the apple, it's gone.  i don't know why, but i felt a little robbed of the moment.
Anna didn't feel robbed tough.  after leaving an explanatory note, the toothfairy still left her a dollar!

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