Sunday, March 16, 2008

the zoo, again

so, i don't think it's a secret that i love the zoo. i'll go every chance i get. and now that the girls love it too, i have the perfect excuse. this time Daddy got to come along. we had so much fun. Anna loves animals, and Madeline loves what Anna loves. i try to go out to the west side to the Wildlife World Zoo as much as possible. but, the drive tacks on a couple hours to the adventure so, the Phoenix zoo was our destination this time.

we had to see the lions first, they are Anna's favorite, or they were that day. i would show a picture of the lion, but he was sunning himself spread eagle. some may find it a little obscene.

the best part about the Phoenix zoo is they're petting area, at least for my kids. they love to brush all the little goats. i have to do my best to pretend it doesn't totally gross me out.

and here you see the effects, complete loss of consciousness. did i mention i love the zoo?????

a funny side note, before we got in the car i realized it had been a while since Anna went potty, so i made her go in the dirt. she was thrilled. she said, "look dad, i'm going just like a doggie!" too funny!


Joanna said...

Ditto your opinions on the zoo...

Anonymous said...

We'd love to go with you next time...we would even make the drive to the west valley with you!

Erin said...

Love the two zonked out in their carseats! And you crack me up... "I made her go in the dirt!"

Once I was driving by Mariners Park with the girls and Megan says to me "That's where Daddy made me pee in the flowers!"

AHHH! 3 year olds are so good at keeping secrets :)