Sunday, March 23, 2008

Earl family Easter

Easter morning, the girls discovered that the Easter Bunny had visited them a second time. the hunt had lost it's appeal though, since they quickly found the bunny had only hidden real eggs rather than those filled with candy. so, i think the bunny will be making only one visit in years to come.

we got ready for church, and i was pleased to dress the girls up in their matching dresses. i don't match them often, but i do think it's fun. i remember i hated matching my siblings though, so i'll be mindful of that as they grow to share their opinions with me. but for now, aren't they too cute?
this was funny, because i couldn't bet Maddie to turn around so i told Anna to go stand by her, thinking she could help her cooperate. instead, Anna went over and turned her back on me too! i thought it was cute.
after church we had a little time before heading to Aunt Tara's for dinner. during that time, the girls open up shop. if you've been to our house you may have had the privilege of visiting the "cookie store." Anna and Madeline busy themselves making delicious imaginary treats, while "misters" or customers sit outside and place their orders. my favorite are the chocolate macaroons! Madeline can never decide if she wants to bake, or play "mister" so she switches back and forth at random, and often takes the imaginary baked good she has just sold you right out of your hand and eats it herself! we'll have to work on appropriate business management and just plain manners.

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Joanna said...

That second picture of Madeline is beautiful. And, I like the matching dresses.