Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter on Bluebird

so, i've been playing post catch-up for a while here. hopefully one of these days all be all current. back to:
another holiday tradition in the neighborhood. after 3 years living in Arizona, this is our first Easter in our neighborhood. and we are so happy to live here and have another fun tradition for the kids. on Saturday, the neighborhood kids participated in an 11 house Easter-Egg hunt extravaganza. the girls were so excited by the brightly colored eggs scattered everywhere!
as you can see, there is no shortage of participants in the hunting. these are the kids from the neighborhood, with a few visitors:

Anna had a lot of fun looking high....
and low for all of her eggs. she was very successful in her search!
after the hunt, the fun continued with a huge breakfast spread, though it was a trick getting the kids to ignore their candy.

Anna made herself useful "guarding" Madeline's basket.

it was fun watching Madeline's first egg hunt. she was old enough to catch on to the thrill, but not the real purpose of it all.

until she broke open and egg and found jelly beans inside. then, she ignored the hunting and sat in this spot until she had devoured every last one.
not all the spoils were candy thankfully, and the balloons and bouncy balls were just as well loved.

later Saturday night, we followed our Earl family tradition of dying eggs. Anna loved her apron, and the colors.

and the colors that got all over her hands. she may have liked these results even better than the eggs she dyed. all in all - great day!

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