Friday, February 27, 2009

happy birthday to Madeline

Madeline is 2 years old!!!!!!!!!!! it's so crazy to think this much time has past, but the evidence is everywhere, we've moved, had another daughter, and of course everyone has kept on growing. Madeline was so excited for her birthday, she couldn't wait to turn 2. and since her true love is Cinderella, we planned accordingly. Anna took Maddie to target to pick out a gift, and this "birthday girl" tiara did the trick. on Sunday Maddie wore the cupcake clip to church and we had a little birthday party with family. Grandma and Grandpa Earl and our Earl cousins came over for dinner and cake! we made a castle cake, complete with "waterfalls" designed by the birthday girl herself.

Cinderella is Maddie's near constant companion.

Maddie got lots of cool gifts including, bubbles, and color wonder books and markers. (those are the best.)

Grandpa blew his candles out too, since his birthday is next week! fun for all!

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Tonya said...

how did our babies get so big so fast?

Maddie is so sweet and beautiful and looks so much like her Daddy...

kudos to you and your helpers on that cute cake...

wish you guys didn't live so far away :)

have a great day...