Monday, March 2, 2009

happy birthday to Grandma and me

as you may, or may not know, i am lucky enough to share my birthday with my mom. and even luckier, i was able to spend it with her this year. my parents came to town for Maddie's birthday, and stayed for mine. we went up to my old neighborhood of Verrado, to check out some houses. perhaps i can entice them to move my way? it was a beautiful day and the girls had so much fun playing at a few of the 40 parks you can find there. it was sort of a weird thing watching Anna play at the parks where i used to take her before she was old enough to really use the equipment. at that time, i sort of thought this was where she'd grow up, but things have worked out so much the better.

when we came home, my mom and dad watched the girls while Jason took me out for dinner and a movie. we hit up Pei Wei rather that PF Changs so we could see Confessions of a Shopaholic. it was fun. i love Isla Fisher and thought she was a great Becky Brandon (nei Bloomwood), but since i've read all the books i was a little disappointed to have it set in NYC. i just love London, and would have enjoyed the film a little more had it been in England. then Jason unveiled my gift. now, it seems a little weird but this was one of the best gifts ever, the dvd of Get Smart the movie. seems weird, but i never got to see it in the theater and he knew i wanted to, and remembered. now that is the key to a great gift - remembering something random. i loved it, (and the movie was cute too!) he's also learned from past gift giving that a massage gets results. so, he booked me one of those and i feel like a new woman again. great birthday!!!!!!

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