Sunday, March 22, 2009

oh no!

so, it's been almost a year since we ended our subscription to Dish Network. right after we got rid of it, Jason and i were like dvd junkies. but since the initial shock, we'll go weeks and months without turning on the tv, and then rent a season of 24 and watch episode after episode every night for a week or two. of course we wait 'til the kids are asleep. except for this one saturday, Anna woke up from a nap like 10 minutes before this episode was over. she was coloring in the other room, so we just finished watching. then today, we were outside playing with the neighbors. some of the boys had water guns. i'm tying Maddie's shoes when i hear, "put your hands on your head! i'm a federal agent!!!!!!!" this was said by Anna in a very authoritative voice. when i turned around (slowly, with my hands on my head) she repeated, "i'm a federal agent!" i guess coloring wasn't as all consuming as we had figured. later that week, she asked my uncle, "Uncle Jack? do you know Jack Bauer?" we'll be making sure the kids are sound asleep before we rent Season 7.

on a side note - my brother and i were just talking about how we could never understand why our mom didn't want us pointing toy guns at people when we were kids. i mean of course i get it now, but it is a little ridiculous to give a toy gun to a kid and expect they'll never aim it at a person. they are kids after all.

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