Friday, February 6, 2009

could it be?

we were lucky enough to sleep in again this week. this time as a family. we all cuddled up in bed, Jason and i secretly relishing the moment since we knew the big girls would be taking a little vacation....
ps: it probably should embarass me to post this pic with my perpetual laundry pile in the background (i'm well over my no make-up bed-head self), but hey this is life!


Kelly said...

You Look SO good in the Morning!! Yeah for you! Sleeping in is the best! Hope you are doing good, I miss our ward! :(

Erin said...

You look beautiful as ever!

I've done that so many times...posted a pic and then thought "Oh cr*p...look at the mess in the background!" But you said it perfect. This is life - and a great one at that!

I just wrote on Facebook, that if I ever actually got ALL my laundry done, I think I'd keel over dead.