Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a few pics while i move

so, we're moving and will be without the internet for a while. somehow this leaves me feeling unsettled. i feel the need to post before i go. Anna is afraid of sprinklers, but loves the hose. i think it's a control issue. i can't resist kissing Madeline's chubby little cheeks. she is so much more roley poly than Anna was. and the curl on top makes me think my curly-q genes are pretty strong.
now i suppose that's enough procrastinating. back to the task at hand, packing. no, not moving-packing...we have packers and movers courtesy of State Farm. but packing for my trip to California!!!!! i have to get all our stuff ready now or else it will end up in boxes that i may or may not unpack before Sunday! can't wait to see family and friends!

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Joanna said...

We can't wait to see YOU!!