Friday, June 1, 2007

take me out to the ball game!

as some may know, Anna loves sports. she watches espn news every morning with her dad and screams, "yay basketball! look baseball! yippee football! look Daddy golf!" so, going to a game is sheer joy for her. it was Maddie's first time to a sporting event, and it seemed she had a good time drooling and being ogled by grandparents. peanuts and crackerjacks were had by all, however i was disturbed to find out that Coldstone is the new ice cream supplier at Chase Field so there is no more vanilla softserve in a batting helmet, or chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. i can get Coldstone anywhere!


Tonya said...

Holy Moly...look at the chub on that sweet little baby! She is soooo big already. (can you imagine if we commented about adult bodies like that!) Looks like you guys had a great time. We love baseball games...nothing beats a 7 hot dog!

Have a great weekend!

Tonya said...

I mean a 7 dollar hot dog...

My brain is mush by this time of day!