Monday, May 28, 2007

mission accomplished

in other news from the weekend, "Mommy won the race!" says Anna. i ran in my first 5k on Saturday. a strange new experience for me since i do not consider myself a "runner" and have not competed in anything athletic in about 17 years. Anna was thrilled, as she thinks races are the most exciting things in the world. i have to say, it was a great feeling sprinting to the finish hearing her cheer for me.

ps: i finished in 31 minutes, just 1 minute slower than my goal, but i do think i had the youngest baby there, so that's worth something right?


Joanna said...

Heck, yes, it's worth something! I'm PROUD of you! In your picture, you look just like Candace, too. I had to do a double take when I first logged on.

Tonya said...

Britain that is awesome! I am so inspired to get my behind into action and get back into shape! I would have so much fun running something like that...well after a little training. I don't really think my running after the kids qualifies me for being in 5K shape. 2 more weeks and counting down 'till Jason's summer and finally more time for me at the gym!

Thanks for your last comment on my blog...wasn't Ella just the most adorable happy baby! Oh, I just love all these kiddos. I think the day I am done with babies is gonna be a very very sad one for me! But for now...I try to just enjoy them the most I can!

Give the fam a hug from us!

Erin said...

Congrats Britian! What an accomplishment.