Thursday, May 17, 2007

baby hummingbirds

on Sunday we found a tiny Hummingbird nest in one of our queen palms. everyday, i take Anna to the window to see the teeny, tiny hatchlings. usually she says, "look at the birdies," but her eyes dart around and she doesn't really see them. (keep in mind, the nest is the size of half a golf ball and the birds the size of a pinkie finger.) but today, Anna actually saw the birds. she said, "awe look at the birdies mommy. they hungy, they crying, they looking for they mommy." it was so sweet. now, she wants to see the birdies all day long!

ps: they do seem hungry and i don't see their mom very often, but i looked it up online and the mother hummingbird only visits the nest for a few seconds every hour. so these guys are well taken of.

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Joanna said...

Wow. I am awed by those little miracles. How cool that you'll get to watch them grow!