Friday, May 11, 2007

finally...a smile for Daddy

Jason's commute gets him home around 7 or so, giving him limited time with the girls before bedtime. he comes home, takes Anna for a ride in the jeep, gives her a bath, and tucks her in, while i feed Madeline. then, i go for a run. this is when the problem usually starts. Maddie, a usually very happy baby, gets grumpy this time of night especially when she doesn't have her mom. but i would rather not be her fat mom, so running i go. and she cries basically the entire time i'm gone. (in fact the other night, she cried so hard she woke up Anna and i came running up the street to see a shadow of Jason standing on the curb holding 2 screaming babies. don't tell him, but i thought it was hysterical.) i think Maddie's crying secretly hurts Jason's feelings since Anna was such a daddy's girl at this age. maybe Maddie sensed her father's secret pain, because now i come home to this:


Tonya said...

Awe...too sweet! Those long days hard for you? They are killer for me most days...and energy to go running after that...I admire you!

Joanna said...

Very cute! And that line in the middle of your post made me laugh out loud. :-)

Autumn and Barrett said...

I love it - she looks exactly like Jason in this picture.