Sunday, May 27, 2007

my two sons

it's been a tough week for me.
these cute little birds have become like children to me.
i have watched them grow from nearly the day they were hatched. i took almost 200 pictures of them. their daily growth was an incredible sight.

one day last week, one of the neighbor girls was left out of a basketball game. i brought Anna out to play with her and then showed her the nest...big mistake. i thought she would love to see the baby birds, and have a healthy respect for nature.
but immediately she asked to take them home. i explained the birds needed to stay put and let their mommy feed them and take care of them. she explained that she wanted them as pets. i distracted her with a game of roll the ball with Anna and thought that was the end of it. then on thursday, i came home to find the nest gone!!!!

i was beside myself. the neightbor girl brought the nest back with both little birds in tact and said she noticed it had "fallen" so she brought it home. i was really upset. i combed the internet for info. finally, we placed the nest in nearby planter and waited by the window to make sure the mother came back. she did. but in the morning, the nest had been flooded by our drip system. one bird was perched on the flowers,

but the other was still below getting wet.

again i needed Google's help. this time i called the Wildlife Rescue. following their instructions, i lifted the second bird back to his original nest area. Jason made a makeshift nest from egg carton. meanwhile, the first fledgling flew to our garden arch and eventually flew away. i named him Nathan. the "brother", Peter remained in the tree looking drained. but i am pleased to report, his mother took excellent care of him and tonight he flew away. i have seen Nathan visit and i hope Peter follows suit. two weeks from the day i met them, they are gone. i'm sure my real children will be happy to have my full attention again.


Tonya said...

what respect for these little lives you have! This is a neat are such a good mommy!

Joanna said...

BRITAIN! I was on the edge of my seat, reading that entire post! Your title insinuated the birds might not have made it, which made me hold my breath as I read, and I didn't realize this until I exhaled at the end of it! I was deliriously happy with the outcome. I share your interest/love for all living things.