Friday, June 15, 2007

a project completed



i had this great idea to do a "quick" embroidery project on a plain t-shirt for Anna. 3+ weeks later it is finished. wow, i never really realized how little time i have with both hands available. no wonder her bedroom quilt has yet to materialize. oh well, time to hula!!!


Erin said...

Worth the time...The shirt is super cute!

Tonya said...

very very very cute...great work!

isn't having 2 hands free such the luxery? I am sure though, once our little babes are out of our hands we will be aching to hold someone elses! Cute project...

Joanna said...

FANTASTIC!! Thanks for showin' us! How did you get the pink in between her necklace? And did you follow a pattern?
Keep us apprised of your projects!