Monday, October 10, 2011

Colin at 4 months!

while we were high in the pines, i took the opportunity to snap some pics of my baby boy at 4 months.  Colin is getting so big i can hardly stand it.  he is mostly in 9 months clothes now!  what?  the time goes way too fast! 

 sisters are as in love with this boy as i am. he has very little time in the day where he is not being kissed.  i feel sorry for the eventual day that another woman wants to enter the picture!   yikes, we'll have to learn to share him?  well for now we get to smother this kid with all he can handle!
Colin, at four months you are the smiling-est, sweetest, rolly-polly baby.  you rarely cry, love to play, and giggle and kick all day in your little bouncy seat.  as long as someone is there to giggle and smile with you, you can literally sit and play all day.  you are starting to really respond to each of us individually.  i love to see you light up when your dad comes home and you get a little man time!  son, we are so happy to have you in our family! love,mommy

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