Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

this halloween fun was had by all!  last year i scored these cute Princess pumpkin templates.  Anna had a Sleeping Beauty, Avery did Belle, and Madeline's was a coach for Cinderella. 
 the girls nixed my plans to head out to a little grove for a pre-halloween photoshoot, so we improvised with our neighbors yard. 
 my sweet little Avery is a Belle lover.  i have a really crazy problem with all the Belle costumes available in stores.  the store-Belles all have pink flowers on them for some reason.  so i whipped up a more classic Belle ensemble. 
 luckily, Madeline wanted to wear the southern belle costume i made last year!  she rocked it!!!
 and then there was my little Jessie!  i love Anna's obsession with that cute little red-headed doll.

 and let's not forget Bubba.  thanks to Aunt Corby, he was the cutest little monkey ever!!!!

 we had our annual chili party followed by trick or treating!  i found that we make halloween so fun on the block that these two would rather be home than out getting candy.  so i left Anna with some neighbors and brought the little girls home.  they played, ate candy, and crashed hard!
 when Anna came home i realized that she hadn't done her homework.  i told her to get it done, then put herself to bed and i'd be back to check on her.  the little sweetie did it.  it was the best halloween ever. 

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