Saturday, June 25, 2011

more of Colin's 1st month

Colin's turned into a bit of a screamer.  this has interfered with many a plan thus far.  1) going to girl's camp, 2) getting that ever lovin' naked baby portrait.  part of the problem is that though i'm a photographer, i am also a new mom and too exhausted to put up with his screams, just for a silly picture.  i should have called in a second shooter.  but i think i got some good clothed shots that i'll be happy with in exchange for my sanity.
 i got a new basket to try, again i couldn't be bothered to take off his clothes, or to wait until the morning to get better lighting.
 i love that he gave me some awake and some sleepy shots.

 i even let the girls turn the camera on me.  a bold move given my no make-up face, overweight body and huge exhausted bags under my eyes.  but i think these are the only pics of me and my son since we left the hospital!  (and i think cropping and photoshop did an okay job with these.)

awe, this post is so much more peaceful than my actual life right now.  but since he is my fourth, i know it won't last forever.  i'm still basking in the glow of a newborn, albeit a screaming one!


Katie said...

Britain you are too hard on yourself! You are beautiful! What a sweet family you have. :)

Corbynn said...

oh brit i love him! cant wait to meet him soon!! these are so beautiful!