Tuesday, June 7, 2011

there's something about a sleeping baby!

everyday is like a newborn portrait session at our house.  i am absolutely obsessed with sleeping babies, especially my own!  one of my shortcomings as a photographer, is narrowing down the best shots for my clients.  i just love each and every micro expression on a baby.  for instance, i know all these shots are basically the same, but i love each one for a very specific reason. 
1) the pacifier in the background makes me smile because we always have it on hand,
 2) these two different angles show me his male patterned baldness and cute little pout,
 3) and this last shot is probably the "favorite" that will go on the wall, it's just a little bit of everything Colin, so peaceful and sweet. 
i'm not the only mother completely obsessed with their baby's face right?

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