Monday, September 21, 2009

thank you for a thank you

do you ever feel like you need to send a thank you note to someone who gave you a really awesome thank you? when this happens, i always feel in awe, never worthy of the praise. today i received a wonderful, beautiful thank you gift from a friend i helped with a wedding. i really just lent an extra pair of hands, and she "repaid" me with a kind note, and these adorable frames. Photobucket
3 of them, perfect for 3 little faces i know.

the next one was a little funny. since today is our wedding anniversary, Jason went out to Basha's before i woke up and got a beautiful bouquet of roses to be seen when i woke up! Photobucket
totally thoughtful and beautiful. and totally coincidentally on the same day as another friend decided to thank me with an even bigger bouquet. Photobucket
dumb luck. now, i seriously thought about hiding the second bouquet. but Jason is big boy and can appreciate good irony. or so i thought.....Photobucket
we had to engage in a quite lengthy discussion on how "size doesn't matter", before going out on our anniversary dinner date - which was lovely.

so thank you thank you to my dear friends for their wonderful thank yous! and thank you to my darling husband for a sweet anniversary. sorry i was so sick!

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